Sunday, 29 June 2008

Review - William - Self In Fiction

William - Self In Fiction

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4 out of 10

I'm not sure I entirely approve of a band naming themselves after me without at least consulting me first. I mean it's just rude, isn't it? What if I hated them? That could lead to all sorts of awkwardness. Luckily I don't hate them. I don't really like them that much either, but I suppose that's something.

On first listen Self In Fiction is easy to pigeon hole as generic, by the numbers chirpy indie rock. See anything from The Kaiser Chiefs to The White Stripes for reference. The jangly guitars and vaguely disco beats prevalent in the genre are all present and correct, but listen a little deeper and there's more going on here. There's some of the lo-fi charm of Pavement here, and a nod to the staccato guitar of Rites of Spring there. There's even a hint of Placebo in the love 'em or loathe 'em often squeaky vocals, all of which serves to elevate the band at least a little above the mundane. Perhaps if the band embraced these influences some more rather than just going down the easy route of jangly pop they could elevate themselves into something actually worth listening to.


1. Five Minute Wonder
2. Whoreditch
3. DS1
4. Thomowski
5. South of the Border
6. ERRR.Lee
7. Aperture
8. Playground
9. Porco Dio Vs Schweinehund
10. zHERO

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