Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Review - Templeton Pek - No Association (Single)

Templeton Pek - No Association (Single)

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6 out of 10

This band raises a lot of interesting moral questions. One cannot help but wonder whether the missing "c" in their name should, perchance, be due to the legendary member of the A-Team and a team of crack lawyers, or whether it's just to be cool. There is also the question as to whether it is possible to start liking them now and then stop again when they become cool, or whether they have already progressed far enough down the dreaded "scene sell out" path to have become cool enough to be no longer cool. I suspect because I've heard them they can't be underground enough to be cool any more. That and they've been in Kerrang.

Not too bad a CD anyway, kind of like a weaker Hitechjet. Pop punk with a few slightly heavier bits and some singy bits. Meh. I'd also prefer it if it didn't have the same song THREE TIMES. That's not very punk rock, is it? I had a cheeky listen to some of the album tracks on myspazz, and they're much better - perhaps this is the ballad of the album.


1. No Association (Strings Version)
2. No Association (Radio Edit)
3. No Association (Album Version)
4. The Origin (Demo)

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