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Review - Sick City - Nightlife

Sick City - Nightlife

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6 out of 10

One thing I like about reviewing is that I get the lowdown on the bands that the kids are into these days and there's nothing better than name-dropping some band when you're chatting up some unsuspecting emo-girl.

Me - "So, what sort of music are you into?"
Emo Girl - "Well, I like everything but I really like emo and hardcore."
Me - "Oh really? Have you heard ?"
Emo Girl - "OMG, I love them."
Me - "Me too, in fact, I reviewed their latest album."
Emo Girl -"OMG so you're practically in the music business LOL."
Me - "Yes I am, come back to mine and I'll show you my vinyl collection."
Emo Girl - "OMG.ok LMAO."

Anyway, Sick City are Canada's answer to.well, every emo/pop punk band in the world. If you imagine Taking Back Sunday, A Static Lullaby & Funeral for a Friend had a big fat baby and for the babies first birthday they bought it a Synth then you wouldn't be far off hitting the nail on the head. Smooth guitar riffs complete with chuggy verses and big riff choruses and singing vocals with some nice harmonies are the mainstay of the record which is strangely let down by the drums. The drums on this record are average, nothing special, then you get to "Millions" and they take a turn for the worse with the most bizarre drum beat that neither fits the song nor sounds good. Aside from that it's pretty standard. On the plus side there is a couple of Alkaline Trio style riffs kicking around which are a welcome change to the standard emo/pop punk shredding that plagues 98% of this album.

To say this is bad record would be a lie because it's not a bad album but it's just so generic and boring it's unreal. There are about 50 other bands that have done this before and about 50 bands that will do it again after this album dies a death. Nothing special.


1. Antoinette
2. XX & XY
3. Turning Heads
4. Killing Ourselves to Feel
5. Islands
6. Nightlife
7. Millions
8. The Heist
9. Moving, Not Moving Forward
10. Smiles & Cries
11. City Lights
12. Tora, Tora, My Dear Tora
13. Money Like To Party

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