Sunday, 29 June 2008

Review - Dan Whitehouse - Demo

Dan Whitehouse - Demo

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6 out of 10

Ex-Sonara frontman and Eddie Vedder/Russell Brand hybrid Dan Whitehouse has struck out on his own and is one of the most emotionally hard hitting singer-songwriters since Cherry Ghost. He uses the passionate dynamics of U2, occasionally having a go at Edge style guitar sounds, but mostly stripping them of their pomp to their emotional essence, as on 'Somewhere I Don't Want To Go' and the brief 'Needles And Pins And All Sharp Things'.

Whitehouse's own, understated voice on these songs is better than the Eddie Vedder impression he employs elsewhere, such as on the plodding, pounding drama of 'Raw State' - the type of song people lose loved ones to on TV shows. Unlike a lot of male singer-songwriters around at the moment, Whitehouse has his own voice and real potential.


1. Somewhere I Don't Want To Go
2. Raw State
3. Needles And Pins And All Sharp Things

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