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Review - Pendulum - In Silico

Pendulum - In Silico

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6 out of 10

Drum 'n' Bass for people who don't actually like drum 'n' bass; it's pretty much Pendulum's tagline. It's ironic in many ways that for a band which has increased interest in the genre from the outside are so belittled inside it. Not that I'm sure Pendulum will mind in particular, unless they really are egotistical enough to want universal validation. What they have with 'In Silico' much in the way that they had with 'Hold Your Colour' is an album that will sit comfortably with say the student crowd and with the youths who like to use their mobiles as boom boxes.

The driving dance beats are still in place; however more emphasis is on the vocals. As such, at times it feels a little rock album-esque, like the Foo Fighters gone electronic. You have to commend them in many ways for embracing the appeal which can see them happily be reviewed in DJ and Kerrang. If there is one slight negative, they do sound a bit like a modern day Apollo 440.

Not much more can really be said for 'In Silico'; it continues where the band left off and will be successful for it. It's hardly criminal that the band has produced an album for the people that like Pendulum as they are. It does though start to raise some question marks as to whether the band can continue flogging this particular sound for many albums more.


1. Showdown
2. Different
3. Propane Nightmares
4. Visions
5. Midnight Runner
6. The Other Side
7. Mutiny
8. 9,000 Miles
9. Granite
10. The Tempest

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