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Review - The Humour - The Humour

The Humour - The Humour

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5 out of 10

The Humour aren't a very funny band, and from their moniker you might assume they're either peddling a brand of cheeky ska or a variation on a theme of pop-punk perhaps? Well you would be barking up entirely the wrong tree, you're not even in the right forest to be honest.

Playing a type of rock this Wakefield quartet have a bit of a sleazy garage rock vibe going on and more in common with AC/DC, Airbourne and Kiss than the slick pop outfits you might see and hear in more modern times. The production is quite raw with the vocals sounding ever so slightly distant and the drums/guitars sounding more live-orientated than you might come to expect from artists recently.

The guitar solos on this, The Humour's self-titled EP are short-lived such as on "Mr Rockefeller" and a bit simple to be blunt. I'm a real sucker for a great shredding guitar solo, that usually ends up with me air-guitaring along, but the instrumentation on show here is passable, but nothing really endearing or long lasting.

To classify The Humour as pub-rock would be under selling them as much of the tripe I've been forced to watch at my local toilet-circuit venues has been far far worse than The Humour, but I wouldn't purchase more material by The Humour or pursue an avenue to go watch them live either.

"Your Robot Dance Is In Time" tries to stick a dance beat in there with some quickly sprayed vocals over the top, but it doesn't all quite mesh together and does appear to be a bit of band-wagon jumping from The Humour. Not a horrible release by any means, but distinctly average.


1. Momentary Moment
2. Mr Rockefeller
3. Your Robot Dance Is In Time

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