Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Review - Nell Bryden - Second Time Around (Single)

Nell Bryden - Second Time Around (Single)

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8 out of 10

Nell Bryden blends all the good elements of bluegrass, country, soul and good old boogie with dignity and provides a unique new sound that is a sure fire hit!

'Second Time Around' is nothing short of a good old foot stomping boogie track, which would fit perfectly in any Nashville bar! There's a really good sound going on here and Nell's lyrics are well structured. 'Late Night Call' is somewhat reminiscent of 'You've Got a Friend in Me' by Randy Newman, but I have got a weak spot for that song (A grown man probably shouldn't admit that) and 'Goodbye' is a sweet jazz style number that closes the EP perfectly. After listening, I'll definitely be looking in to what else Nell Bryden has to offer.

Although not for everyone, Nell Bryden does a great job of blending genres and offers songs that are familiar yet fresh. You can see her around the UK during July and I strongly suggest you do! I'll be there!


1. Second Time Around
2. Late Night Call
3. Goodbye

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