Sunday, 29 June 2008

Review - Lapels - Painted Skeletons (Single)

Lapels - Painted Skeletons (Single)

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1 out of 10

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. NO. Not another Babyshambles wannabe band. Dear God, one is bad enough.

However, I did start this in an objective mood. when this week's batch of review CDs arrived, I eagerly opened the big padded envelope with a heady mix of excitement and anticipation. It was all I could do though, not to laugh out loud at what looked like a home-printed CD wrapped in a piece of A4 paper, but at least the production line was ethical - there was very little plastic packaging involved so I automatically awarded 1 point.

'Painted Skeletons' constitutes three or four of the most uninteresting minutes I have ever endured and I will never get that time back. Song-craft aside for a moment, I can't help but feel that Lapels ought to spend some time evaluating the friendship groups that allow them to continue making this kind of noise. As a musician myself I know what it is like to pour your heart and soul into your creative output, but really folks, it is time to move on.

I imagine it'll probably go to number one when it gets released on 21st July.

James' Note: When Gray sent this review to me he filled in our template which usually has the appropriate links in to make it easier on the admin side of things with the following information:

Purchase: Don't.
Label: Unlikely

I thought that little bit of Gray's helpful guidance might assist you when considering to investigate Lapels.


1. Painted Skeletons
2. Last Great Civilisations

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