Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Review - The Briggs - Come All You Madmen

The Briggs - Come All You Madmen

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7 out of 10

Riding high on the wave of this year's Warped Tour, The Briggs are an unstoppable force. With all the tenacity of a drunken brawl, the Los Angeles quartet stomps through punk anthem after punk anthem on this album leaving you hoarse but happy. More shout-along than sing-along, 'Come All You Madmen' inspires you to yank that volume dial to 11, leap up on the sofa and bounce like there is no tomorrow. Frankly, it's an exhausting listen!

Standout tunes on the album include 'The Ship Is Now Sinking' and 'What Was I Thinking?' which encapsulate the true identity of the Californian punksters who cite Elvis Costello, The Clash and The Pogues amongst their influences.

For those of us unlucky enough to be unable to catch The Briggs on their extensive US tour, the band are set to appear at this year's Reading and Leeds festivals on the Lock-Up stage where British crowds can expect one hell of a show.


1. Madmen
2. This Is LA
3. Bloody Minds
4. What Was I Thinking?
5. Charge Into The Sun
6. Not Alone
7. Ship Of Fools
8. The Ship Is Now Sinking
9. Oblivion
10. Until Someone Gets Hurt
11. Final Words
12. Molly

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