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Review - Primal Scream - Can't Go Back (Single)

Primal Scream - Can't Go Back (Single)

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2 out of 10

Never a band for overt complexity when three minutes of stomping on the back of the head will do, Primal Scream's new album threat begins with this 'heady dose of brash future rock' (It says here). Well. 'Rock' it certainly is - an ideal soundtrack to being manically out of your face, in fact. 'Brash' I wouldn't argue with, either - the track seems to run around the edge of your consciousness hooting with lairy laughter, whilst waving a metaphorical bottle of lager in front of your face. 'Future' is of course also true, since it is released on July 14th. I wouldn't use 'future' to describe it any other way though.

But what to expect when such a band are combined with Paul Epworth, famed for his work with stabby-guitared shop-front dummies Bloc Party, the Rakes and Maximo Park? Not so much a song as an extended chorus (Gotta think of that ringtone market, so we can't be too complicated), "Can't Go Back" has everything trying to frantically keep up with an all-powerful bassline. The briefest of glitchy-bounce intros rapidly faints in shock before it. Bobby Gillespie's 'trademark snarl' watches from some distance away. The guitars probably melted as soon as the recording finished, only the drums stand a chance.

As a throwaway piece of midnight club-ride it works very well and I don't think we look to Primal Scream for anything else, to be honest. However it gets a low score because I like music to take me on a journey, and the one this track would take me on probably ends round the back of Zanzibar's surrounded by broken glass.


1. Can't Go Back (Radio Mix)
2. Can't Go Back (Clean Edit)
3. Can't Go Back (Album Mix)

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