Sunday, 29 June 2008

Review - White Denim - All You Really Have To Do (Single)

White Denim - All You Really Have To Do (Single)

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5 out of 10

Short, not necessarily sweet, but it does alright. This is 60s Detroit rock and jazz inspired cool at it’s most decent. The obvious connections for influence being the MC5, though not too dissimilar to the modern Nottingham based Lords.

Unfortunately this track suffers by how annoyingly thin it is, if it was a piece of paper it would be no frills proof, more strength in the rhythm section with the addition of an extra guitar, an extra lead in the chorus would help out a bit too, as well as adding a bit more energy to the recording. The proof is in the solo/jam near the end of the track, where things build up and strengthen.

Alright, could do better. My advice is to grab the band's album instead as it’ll sound better amongst their other tracks, like the vastly superior ’Paint Silver Gold’ and ’Lets Talk About It’.


1. All You Really Have To Do (Edit)
2. All You Really Have To Do

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