Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Review - Enemy Rose - Promises We'll Never Keep

Enemy Rose - Promises We'll Never Keep

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3 out of 10

Oh dear GOD! What is this? Writing music that has be done before and done better, with terrible lyrics. Enemy Rose sound like a bad Rolling Stones and they even use the words Gimme Shelter in the chorus for Tainted (With Regret)! Other contemporary's are The Back Yard Babies and the Hellacopters who again have produced a lot better music along the same lines.

My issue is that not are only the lyrics awful and obvious for example the song entitled Love & Hate, just should even be allowed. But the music is sloppy and the vocals are quite atrocious. It doesn't happen very often but I don't think I have anything positive to say? I don't even think Promises We'll Never Keep has much energy either.


1. Rattles The Cages
2. Coming Down
3. Buried Alive
4. Rocket
5. Bleed
6. Just My Luck
7. Tainted (With Regret)
8. All Because Of You
9. Love & Hate
10. Trigger
11. Lonely Town
12. Tell Me


jason said...

This review is complete shit. I take it the reviewer doesn't know a damn thing about glampunk.

This band sounds a hell of a lot like The Black Halos and The Dead Boys. The singer even sounds a lot like Billy Hopeless and Stiv Bators, but at times, he comes across as if he's trying too hard to emulate them instead of being himself.

The band doesn't do anything new, but they definitely do what they do well.

jason said...

One more thing, even though this band is glampunk, they sound nothing like The Backyard Babies, and I don't know how you can put The Hellacopters in the same sentence as that style. This band as I said is firmly rooted in the trashy, '77-style glampunk of the Dead Boys.