Monday, 9 November 2009

Review - Framing Hanley - The Moment

Framing Hanley - The Moment

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1 out of 10

Despite the name, this band are nothing to do with the Potteries in the North-West of England. No, they are yet more airbrushed, chest-beating, hand-wringing (try doing those at the same time) types, seemingly created solely to provide the soundtracks to teenage vampire films. Or films involving cheerleaders in a few scenes of 'mild peril'. You get the idea. They're a juggernaut. They mean business, because they are one. Get your pocket money out and give 'em your quivering, teenage soul while you're there. Framing Hanley are to music what the M1 motorway is to the back lane that used to lead to that little record shop. You know the one I mean. You used to be able to find really interesting stuff there, stuff that didn't sound like anything else on the radio or TV and you thought you were the only person who knew about it. You know the place. It's now a Bargain Booze.


1. Home
2. Built For Sin
3. Hear Me Now
4. Slow Dance
5. All In Your Hands
6. It's Not What They Said
7. 23 Days
8. Count Me In
9. Alone In This Bed (Capeside)
10. Wave Goodbye
11. The Fold
12. Lollipop
13. Hear Me Now (Acoustic version with keys)
14. Alone In This Bed (Capeside) (Acoustic version)
15. Lollipop (video)

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