Sunday, 29 November 2009

Review - Various - Extremely Sorry Soundtrack

Various - Extremely Sorry Soundtrack

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6 out of 10

Did Lemmy try out any other Soul classics, I wonder, before settling on Ben E. King? I'd love to hear what he did to Dock of the Bay or When A Man Loves A Woman. Or perhaps not - the world might end. This is a soundtrack to skateboarding, so it's got to be short, fast and cool. Most of the time it manages two of those, a few times it manages all three. This mostly happens on the tracks featuring someone or other, who thankfully don't appear to be turning up for a fee. Black Mountain and the Winston fellow particularly make their presence felt. Generally it's a great free-for-all, a wheeled melting-pot of styles, genres and moods. Perhaps not as neck-breaking as the film might be but it doesn't put a foot wrong - too often.


1. Intro (ft. Geoff Rowley & Lemmy)
2. Stand By Me (ft. Lemmy & Dave Lombardo)
3. Drum Solo (ft. Dave Lombardo)
4. This Is Forever
5. Scream My Name (ft. Jim Lindberg)
6. When Is Now
7. Lead The Storm
8. Ignition
9. Love Shroom (ft. Mack Winston)
10. Arizona Lead In
11. Desert Convoy
12. The End of the Beginning (ft. Black Mountain)
13. Burn Out Like Fireflies (ft. ((Sounder)) )
14. The Process of Extinction (ft. Early Man)
15. Swagger Rich (ft. Warren G & Snoop Dogg)

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