Friday, 20 November 2009

Review - Jesaiah - Et Tu Hope

Jesaiah - Et Tu Hope

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7 out of 10

Like the short sighted, pig ignorant, deformed child that keeps eating sweets until he throws up and destroys all his teeth, modern metalcore has been over spilling its boundaries for the last few years. Floods of identikit bands and unimaginative trends have seen fit to bombard us with far too many bands that you can happily cross the street to avoid. So I always have very little enthusiasm for new releases that contain the phrase "hardcore metal" in the PR sheet.

Sweden's Jesaiah (I don't know?) were almost about to receive the usual rant about boredom inducing metalcore, but being a professional! I gave it another listen, followed by another, and it clicked somewhat.
You see, my appreciation for modern hardcore metal extends to very few bands. One of those is The Chariot. Now Jesaiah are obviously fans of the Stateside monsters as there are so many moments on "Et Tu Hope" that sound like something of The Chariot's debut. Squeaky, chugging, discordant, topsy turvy riffs are thrown alongside the more standard chugging elements. They manage to avoid mediocrity setting in too much with enough tempo changing and dynamics but it still drops off the radar of interest at times.
Fans of this sort of stuff will no doubt like it, and if you enjoy The Chariot and what not there should be something to sink your teeth into here.


1. Fill Your Hands With Chaos
2. This Night, We Share Every Breath
3. We're Almost Dead, No Time For Rational Thinking
4. Deflower me
5. Music Noir
6. L'ame, Prison Du Corps
7. Great Big Whale
8. I'm Saving My Flower For You Goatboy
9. Let's Dance Under A Sky Of Distortion
10. And Sing To The Tunes of The End

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