Friday, 20 November 2009

Review - Bad For Lazarus - Old Rats On A New Ship (Single)

Bad For Lazarus - Old Rats On A New Ship (Single)

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7 out of 10

I bet this band curse Natasha Khan. Anyway, what do they sound like? Well, on this, their debut release, it's as if Houses of the Holy-era Zeppelin and Beefheart had decided to cover the Black Keys' cover of Grown So Ugly with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. At midnight. In a sewer. Under a graveyard. Pretty dirty good, in other words. They're more new rats on an old ship but let's not dwell on that - turn the lights off and make sure you still know where your poison of choice is.


1. Old Rats On A New Ship
2. Kemptown Animal

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