Friday, 13 November 2009

Review - Saviours - Accelerated Living

Saviours - Accelerated Living

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8 out of 10

For those of you that have followed Oakland riff lords in waiting Saviours over the previous releases then "Accelerated Living" is the logical conclusion of this journey so far. This is what it's been building up to children. For anyone else that doesn't know Saviours then go back and start from the beginning.

The main difference between this and 08's "Raging Embers" is the more epically metallic sound and the increase in pace and tempo. Don't worry, those big rolling grooves are still here but they are tempered with a sound that owes more to thrash by way of Sabbath than the "Kyuss jamming Maiden covers through Mastodon's gear" sound of previous efforts.

It's all presented in a massive, organic production (by one of The Fucking Champs) that gives the space needed for each instrument but locks it all tightly enough together for the full impact to be felt. Each track possesses more quality riffs than many so called "metal" bands can usually write in a career. Posers be warned. Real metal contained within.


1. Acid Hand
2. We Roam
3. F.G.T.
4. Livin ' In The Void
5. Burning Cross
6. Slave To The Hex
7. The Rope OF Carnal Knowledge
8. Apocalypse World Split
9. Eternal High

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