Sunday, 29 November 2009

Review - HiM - ,ñ

HiM - ,ñ

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6 out of 10

I imagine that the music on this album is what would happen if Tortoise were scheduled to jam with Santana at some Caribbean hideaway and the Very Rev. Carlos failed to turn up. If youfre fed up with the dankness of Winter in your part of the world then this album should do something about that - sunlight and warmth pour from its grooves. OK, it doesnft really ego anywheref but who cares, when the lilt and lift are so soothing. It is the very definition of emellowf.


1. Creode
2. Purple Song
3. Abstrac Ladder
4. Afro Cuban
5. The Hidden Persuader
6. Makossa For Masako
7. Clues To The Roots
8. It Is Food
9. Nonaka Bros - The Beckoning

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