Monday, 9 November 2009

Review - Dead Confederate - Wrecking Ball

Dead Confederate - Wrecking Ball

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4 out of 10

OK, so here we have Nirvana re-imagined as a stoner band. No, I don't mean they sound like the Screaming Trees. It is heavy, though - as in 'heavy going'. The riffage and lashings of moody slide are redolent of a bunch of Dylan Carlson obsessives but it's the voice that's likely to stay with you, in the manner of a nightmare. You know those tracks where Kurt Cobain is simply howling? They're here, again. Start Me Laughing is the nadir but it's with you from track one. There are moments when you think there might be more; the beginning of lead single The Rat, for example, or The News Underneath or the title track, which manages to sound like a completely different band for the first minute or so. Before the howling starts. I'm afraid you're left with a void, though. Sleep tight.


1. Heavy Petting
2. The Rat
3. Goner
4. It Was A Rose
5. Yer Circus
6. All The Angels
7. Start Me Laughing
8. The News Underneath
9. Flesh Colored Canvas
10. Wrecking Ball

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