Thursday, 10 September 2009

Review - Slaves To Gravity - Doll Size (Single)

Slaves To Gravity - Doll Size (Single)

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8 out of 10

I went to see a friend's band play a support slot at a random Camden hotspot some time last year. Whilst waiting around I saw some bloke walk through the crowd with a Sunset Strip swagger thinking he was in Dogs D'Amour. The only thing missing was a bottle of jack and as it was a "METALLLL" night, he stood out, but didn't give one. I later found out to my embarrassment that he was the singer of the headline band Slaves To Gravity - who were fucking brilliant. Taking everything that was good about 90's Britrock-era (Wildhearts, Bush, 3 Colours Red, early Feeder) and mixing it with some heartfelt Silverchair/Oceansize vocals. The new single "Doll Size" is a huge slab of melodic rock that will push Slaves To Gravity into the spotlight and if the backing tracks are anything to go by, these boys will go far.


1. Doll Size
2. Long Way Home
3. No Shame

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