Monday, 28 September 2009

Review - Madness - Total Madness

Madness - Total Madness

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10 out of 10

Now, come on. Surely every house has a copy of these tracks in one compilation or another, even if they don't want to. They may even have the original vinyl singles (due for re-release soon, no doubt, perhaps in a boxed set shaped like a Routemaster bus). I can see ownership of this collection (or one of the zillions like it) being used by some lunatic political party as a sign of genuine 'Englishness'. Anyway, the music is timeless and it's a testament to the Nutty Boys' talents that the sole new track on here (NW5) stands up effortlessly alongside the established classics. Boring family get-together coming up? Set up the camcorder and stick this on. You'll have enough YouTube moments to keep you and your mates in stitches for years.


1. One Step Beyond
2. Baggy Trousers
3. House of Fun
4. Our House
5. Embarrassment
6. My Girl
7. It Must Be Love
8. Wings Of A Dove
9. The Sun And The Rain
10. Grey Day
11. NW5
12. Cardiac Arrest
13. Tomorrow's Just Another Day
14. Driving In My Car
15. Bed and Breakfast Man
16. Lovestruck
17. One Better Day
18. Michael Caine
19. The Return of the Los Palmas 7
20. The Prince
21. Shut Up
22. Madness
23. Night Boat to Cairo

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