Thursday, 24 September 2009

Review - Arch Enemy - The Root Of All Evil

Arch Enemy - The Root Of All Evil

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6 out of 10

Arch Enemy - You probably know who they are by now. They’ve been poking sharp sticks at the mainstream for a while, getting good exposure with some very good singles and some decent albums, which for an extreme metal band is a damn good achievement.

So in time honoured tradition they’ve grabbed an idea off Anthrax (and possibly a few other bands who escape my addled brains), taken a load of old tracks off their first albums and re-recorded them with new vocals, some new basslines and generally smartened up the production a bit in places.

Though I do understand the idea behind this, getting old tracks out to a new audience, reworking them so they can be played live etc.. It just doesn’t quite translate. The change in vocals from the old songs are evident (having listened to both) but the other aspects seem a bit superfluous - the bass is pretty much the same and I really prefer the older feel of the songs.

Really, a decent idea (though a little bit pointless), executed OK, but not really doing anything amazing.


1. The Root of All Evil (Intro)
2. Beast Of Man
2. The Immortal
3. Diva Satanica
4. Demonic Silence
5. Bury Me An Angel
6. Dead Inside
7. Dark Insanity
8. Pilgrim
9. Demoniality
10. Transmigration Macabre
11. Silverwing
12. Bridge Of Destiny

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