Monday, 21 September 2009

Review - Richard Walters - The Animal

Richard Walters - The Animal

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6 out of 10

You may wish to dismiss Richard Walters as the bastard offspring of Chris Martin, James Blunt and Jack Penate but you would, I feel, be missing something. He's nowhere near as annoying as those three, despite his cod-Essex falsetto. This album's a 'grower', anyway, so feel free to add a couple of points to the score below for temporal purposes. By track four you should be pretty much grabbed, so the likes of the title track, Red brick and Spirit of the stairway merely add to the gentle atmosphere of acoustic guitars with less most definitely being more.


1. Brittle Bones
2. Weather song
3. All at Sea
4. Crawl up to my room
5. We have your head
6. The Animal
7. Red brick
8. American stitches
9. True love will find you in the end
10. Spirit of the stairway

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