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Review - Dirty Weekend - Live at the Georgian Theatre

Dirty Weekend - Live at the Georgian Theatre

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6 out of 10

Dirty Weekend, an invitation to mischief and good times of sorts - on this occasion it's in the form of Stockton-On-Tees five piece and their bleak indie-rock.

Showcasing the music on offer in Teeside this CD is the first in a series of five live albums released by TLR (from Teeside with Love Records).

One glance at the titles in the track-list will confirm that all is not rosy in the musical realms of Dirty Weekend as the list reads like quips of social commentary, but in this lies their attraction. "I've two black eyes, broken nose, dented pride overflows into my face" sings front-man and bassist, Danny Spooner on Cider Queen.

In Little Baby, a previous release on the band's Critical Mass EP, the singer's voice roams higher, and though his northern swagger is still detectable, it's a long way from the lad-rock some may brand them with. As the melodies progress there's barely a difference musically to the recorded versions of the songs, just a naturally rougher yet charming edge.

Newer song, Boo To A Goose gets a topical introduction, with talk of misery reported in the press, which is offered as the song's inspiration before the song, the message and misery are hammered home.

Having played over 150 gigs in the last year the band are certainly veterans among newer bands in performing live, or so they claim and there's little to disprove it on this album.

As sirens sound for the intro to Hooligan, the disgust is traceable in the vocals, and the guitars with sour tones. Then celebrated as the band and crowd chant together, "Anti-social behaviour, is my own saviour, my only point in life". Despite it being an audio recording the energy is obvious, an encouragement in itself for a riot. The sirens play once more, as Dirty Weekend thank the crowd and depart amid whoops, and cheers for more.


1.Cider Queen
2. Little Baby
3. Devils In The Details
4. Boo To A Goose
5. Sirens
6. We Had Hysterics
7. Men In White Coats
8. King Of The Rats
9. Proverbs
10. I Am Ashamed
11. Look At Me
12. Hooligan

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