Sunday, 20 September 2009

Review - Skunk Anansie - Because Of You (Single)

Skunk Anansie - Because Of You (Single)

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4 out of 10

You can't fault the Skunk's Skin for confidence, can you? 'No-one's really sounded like us since we've been away. . .I see us in competition with every band that's out there. . .we're better than we were before.' I won't bother arguing with her, here. It'd be much more interesting to do so in person with a stack of Evanescence records and other emo-metal gobbledigook to compare the 'Nansie with.

It's not awful, of course and if you're a fan you'll lap it up like the sweat from Skin's head during one of their current gigs. Otherwise, you would be forgiven for folding your arms and saying 'next!' - before running as far from the band as possible, naturally.


1. Because of You (Original)
2. Because of You (Michel Cleis Remix)
3. Because of You (Duke Dumont Remix)

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