Sunday, 20 September 2009

Review - Skinlab - The Scars Between Us

Skinlab - The Scars Between Us

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4 out of 10

Full marks to Skinlab for intensity but minus several zillion for invention or interest. There are umpteen bands who sound like this, so take your pick, really. Lamb of God, there's a start. And good luck to you - I can't bear Lamb of God. Their albums should come with a course of general anaesthetic. Skinlab aren't nearly as bad, thankfully, but it's still Cookie Monster in full vocal effect over the sound of electric volcanoes farting. Face of Aggression ends with some kind of Whole Lotta Love monster and is track six really their take on a song by Budgie? I pray to Kermit it's not.


1. Face of Aggression
2. Amphetamine Gods
3. Scream at the World
4. Wolvesblood
5. Karma Burns
6. In For The Kill
7. Paper Trails
8. Still Suffering
9. Bloodclot
10. My Vendetta
11. The Scars Between Us

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