Sunday, 20 September 2009

News - Bradley Walden Quits The Boys Of Summer

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From The Boys Of Summer’s MySpace blog:

"Bradley Walden is no longer in "The Boys of Summer", we will not sink down so low to say anything bad about him. However, JP and Scab are now going to be singing for our band. We are in the studio right now writing and recording new songs. We honestly have never had more fun bouncing ideas off each other, as well as actually taking time to write lyrics that mean something to us. We have definitely hit a creative stride in writing and this is breath of fresh air for all of us. We are so excited for the future. We hope the best for Bradley and his future endeavors. The Boys of Summer are just getting started. We are posting a 2 new songs on monday. Stick by us. We wont let you down.

The Boys Of Summer"

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