Sunday, 8 November 2009

Review - Eamon McGrath - 13 Songs of Whiskey and Light

Eamon McGrath - 13 Songs of Whiskey and Light

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5 out of 10

OK, you're a bit like Tom Waits! And Jonathan Richman! That's great but we need a new angle - we don't want people saying you're exactly like Tom Waits and Jonathan Richman, that's a bit boring. I know! Can you sort the reverb on the album so it sounds like you're singing in the bathroom? Or a bucket? Or through a cardboard tube? Great! No, seriously, nobody's done it before. You'll really stand out. No, the band won't mind - in fact, you can put a bit of 'fuzzy biscuit tin' on them as well, if you like! No, you don't have to do it on Chained To My Love as it's just you and your guitar, if you keep the harmonica intro - it's hilarious! What? It's not meant to be funny? Oh. Oh well, never mind. It's nice that people are happy. Just one more thing - can you record Ecstasy Railings again? No, it's lovely, it's just we'd like you to wear this bucket on your head while you sing it. Thanks!


1. Welcome To The Heart
2. Machine Gun Cowboy
3. Big River
4. File Under Fire
5. Last Man Standing
6. Cadillac Rosetowne
7. Holy Roller
8. Desperation, Alberta
9. Darby Crash and Burn Guitars
10. Land of Dogs
11. Chained to my Love
12. Caves
13. Ecstasy Railings

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