Sunday, 8 November 2009

Review - Birds of Tokyo - Universes

Birds of Tokyo - Universes

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7 out of 10

Every musical cloud has a silver lining. In the case of the widely-reviled Emo, it's Australia's Birds of Tokyo. Silhouettic is the cut to cut straight to, here. Exhilarating, genuinely powerful and, yes, original. Or as original as you're going to get, these days. The rest can be tossed off as 'Emo Pearl Jam' (see Head In My Hands and 'I hate my melodies, they're all the same') or, rock help us, 'Emo Jet' (White Witch) but the band make the best fist of cramming virtually every brand of guitar-based bombast into their tunes without sounding crass or derivative. Surely this deserves some sort of medal.


1. Uno
2. Broken Bones
3. Wild Eyed Boy
4. Silhouettic
5. Head In My Hands
6. White Witch
7. An Ode To Death
8. Armour For Liars
9. The Bakers Son
10. Train Wrecks
11. Medicine


Cathi said...

I can't believe you think they are emo!

So far off the mark that it is funny.

I suppose 7/10 is ok, but this album has been the mainstay of my collection since its Australian release (over 1 year ago). I give it a 10.

It is still fresh after all that time and thousands of plays. The only CD likely to replace it is the forthcoming recording of their current acoustic tour (with string quartet and grand piano), due out early next year.

Do yourself a favour, and listen with an open mind.

Cathi said...
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