Thursday, 8 October 2009

Review - Meretto - Street Talking

Meretto - Street Talking

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3 out of 10

With one member who studied 'Music Tech' and was lectured by Prefab Sprout's bassist and another who trained as a BBC weather man, Meretto certainly have a mildly entertaining - if slightly dorky - background. Unfortunately their music is only the latter. Stomping firmly over the well-worn 1980s revival, this is more music sucked straight from that benighted era of popular 'culture'. I almost cut myself on an imagined shiny, grey suit whilst listening to it. It's all together, it's all tight, it's got a suitably-whiny lead vocal. If your idea of a perfect night in is listening to It Bites on a loop while you sort your legwarmers into pairs, you'll be like a pig in day-glo shit and you'll buy it. Until another big thing comes along for you to open your wallet and soul at.


1. Introduction
2. Devotion
3. Caesium Baby
4. A Kiss
5. A Method of Urban Survival
6. Communication
7. Bust
8. Once The Dust Has Gone
9. Back to Me

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