Saturday, 24 October 2009

Review - Squid Ninjaz - Revenge of the Blowfish

Squid Ninjaz - Revenge of the Blowfish

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4 out of 10

I was once in a band where the bass player turned up to rehearsal with a tape that, he promised, contained the most amazing music ever made. He'd made it the night before, just him and his bass. Of course it was simply a recording of him, stoned, hitting the same note on his bass, croakily saying 'Woww.' and giggling. This album is for him, with a side helping of Portishead necking a crate of Special Brew. 'I smoked hashish in my incubator' growls one of the many MCs during yet another interminable groove loop. Thanks for that. Pity it hasn't mellowed you out.


1. Bars
2. Bongorock
3. Filthy Granny
4. Mimic
5. Crave Dusties
6. Tramadol
7. Luna Disco
8. Seekin Budah
9. R Type
10. Kush115
11. Blotterz
12. Yayo Thugs
13. Wowzers
14. Middle Finger Music
15. Spark Osram
16. Rocky Dash Outro

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