Thursday, 29 October 2009

Review - Lipona - Pigeonholed

Lipona - Pigeonholed

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7 out of 10

Lipona play rough, raw punk rock, very much in the vein of Unravelling era Rise Against. In fact, if you imagine Rise Against having followed the path set on The Unravelling (and to a lesser degree Revolutions Per Minute) rather than going off in some horrible MOR emo shit direction as they appear to have then they might sound like Lipona do now. That’s a compliment.

Iron Maiden / early Thrice style guitar licks roll over pummelling hardcore drums and bass whilst singer Yamil Velez’s rich vocals have a raspy soulfulness of their very own. One for fans of old Rise Against, A Wilhelm Scream and The Swellers.


1. Beginning of the Dynamite Era
2. Tragedy of the Commons
3. Hawks
4. Shooty Hoops
5. Reverberations

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