Friday, 23 October 2009

Review - The Scratch - Whatever Happened To Friday Night?

The Scratch - Whatever Happened To Friday Night?

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5 out of 10

Someone somewhere has said this album 'is simply not a rehash of a music genre that saw its finest hour thirty years ago. . .It's very fresh and very now.' Doublethink at its finest, there. This is not to say the Scratch are a self-deluding 'tribute' to the Buzzcocks in all but name. Far from it. Whiny vocals and scratchy guitars they may have but they lack power and punch, at least as far as this record goes. There are some odd lyrical touches, too. 'You're a good girl / I'm more a girl's world' (Girl's World), for example - if you recall the disembodied, plastic make-up toy of the same name. Other themes include the standard stuff about being an individual and having no truck with the self-obsessed. Very 'fresh' and 'now'. As a debut, however, it still retains enough interest for the band's space to be watched. For the near future, at least, or until Elvis Costello becomes the next big thing.


1. You Want The World
2. Independent Unrepentant
3. Freakshow
4. Against The Grain
5. Destroyed By The Look Of Love
6. Girl's World
7. Flicker
8. Whatever Happened To Friday Night?
9. Freaks of the Daylight
10. Teen Idol
11. Too Busy Thinking About Me

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