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Review - Chris Rea - Still So Far To Go. . .The Best of Chris Rea

Chris Rea - Still So Far To Go. . .The Best of Chris Rea

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1 out of 10

A collection of Chris Rea's finest music. Hmm. OK, let's keep this short. I won't prolong the agony (Chris can do that on his own) but a Best Of from Tesco's-own one-man Dire Straits is not likely to set the musical world on fire. If you're a fan, you'll have these tracks anyway, so there's a couple of newbies to open your wallet for - the last track on each disc. This is a bit like fighting your way through all the level bosses on a video game, only to find the final one is a complete walk-over and shaped like an effeminate Sumo wrestler.

Personally, I could care less that some think Rea 'the world's best slide guitarist' when he isn't. I can't get past the nausea induced by such tracks as Driving Home For Chistmas, The Road To Hell and the gut-flamingly awful Auberge. Right, I'm off to clean my keyboard and attempt to induce memory-loss with vodka.


Disc 1 :
1. Fool (If You Think It's Over)
2. On The Beach
3. Let's Dance
4. Diamonds
5. Loving You
6. I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
7. I Don't Know What It Is But I Love It
8. Stainsby Girls
9. Josephine
10. It's All Gone
11. Loving You Again
12. Joys of Christmas
13. Driving Home For Christmas
14. Working On It
15. Tell Me There's A Heaven
16. Heaven
17. Looking For The Summer
18. Come So Far Yet Still So Far To Go

Disc 2:
1. The Road To Hell (Part 2)
2. Auberge
3. Winter Song
4. Nothing To Fear
5. God's Great Banana Skin
6. Julia
7. You Can Go Your Own Way
8. When Grey Skies Turn To Blue
9. The Blue Café
10. New Times Square
11. Stony Road
12. Easy Rider
13. Blue Street
14. Somewhere Between Highway 61 & 49
15. The Shadow of a Fool
16. Valentino

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