Friday, 23 October 2009

Review - Nell Bryden - What Does It Take?

Nell Bryden - What Does It Take?

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5 out of 10

Perfectly adequate, Radio Two-friendly Country-lite. Would be a shoe-in for a guest spot with Jools H, only it looks like Nell doesn't have a crack habit or live in the East End. There are no surprises here, so you're safe giving it to your Dad for his birthday. There's even a song where Ms. Bryden gets all needy and desperate for some evening attention (Late Night Call) - this might be ironic but Dad's probably going to miss that. And she's entertained troops in Iraq, so you'd be a terrorist not to buy this.


1. What Does It Take
2. Not Like Loving You
3. Where The Pavement Ends
4. Helen's Requiem
5. Goodbye
6. Only Life I Know
7. Second Time Around
8. Meridian (I Love The Same)
9. Green Dress
10. Tonight
11. Late Night Call

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