Sunday, 19 April 2009

Review - Zero:State - One Minute Silence (Single)

Zero:State - One Minute Silence (Single)

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5 out of 10

Manchester's Zero:State have succeeding in recording a professional slice of rock music in debut single One Minute Silence. That being said, the track lacks the punch of a top rock song. It is close, but not there yet.

There is an interesting riff (that is perhaps slightly overused) but a disappointing payoff by the time the chorus rolls around. It's a shame because a song lacking a memorable chorus is generally a song that is unmemorable as a whole. This is unfortunate as the vocalist has a distinctive voice (not always synonymous with good, but in this case it is) and the rest of the song shows that the band knows how write a good rock intro, verse, middle 8 and outro. They just need to get that hook in there somehow.


1. One Minute Silence

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