Sunday, 19 April 2009

Review - Francis Rodino - Circles & Squares

Francis Rodino - Circles & Squares

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3 out of 10

Despite the Pearl Jam-like riffage in lead single Burn, Francis Rodino is more Daniel O'Donnell than Eddie Vedder. We all know how lucrative the mawkish acoustic-singer-songwriter market is. Lucrative enough for this album to get recorded on fifty grand's worth of pre-orders through MySpace and Facebook, anyway. If your idea of high emotion is watching re-runs of Heartbeat, or you find yourself crying during television talent contests then you'll play this album on a loop until the cockroaches take over.

The rest of us will simply wonder why the world needs an album sounding like the bloke from the Corrs doing a 'solo project'. Despite the crafted and heartfelt lyrics, it doesn't do to pay too much attention. 'The things that they taught you in school never needed no use' (Science) - missing Grammar was an error, clearly. 'Drink to the sex that you'll never forget' (Drink) - we're back to Dodgy O'Donnell, again. Overall, this album could be a soundtrack to Facebook - well-meaning and shiny but spend time with it and you may wonder if you're wasting your life.


1. Burn
2. One Love
3. Any Day Now
4. Walk With Me
5. Science
6. Don't Say Never
7. Blood
8. More Than Before
9. Drink
10. Wonderful From Here


J said...


The lyrics are clearly 'nor used'.
The money was raised on Sellaband not Facebook / Myspace.
Since when did Daniel O'Donnell write drinking songs about sex? I might have to check his music out if he does...

Phil N. said...

Agree that the lyrics are 'nor used.' Personally I think this album is fantastic. It's down-to-earth rock--something we haven't had in the mainstream for quite some time. You agree that it's heart-felt. I would also say that it's refreshing. If you don't like heart-felt music (you didn't like Grohl's Tiny Dancer either), what does blow your hair back?