Sunday, 26 April 2009

Review - Lily Allen - Not Fair (Single)

Lily Allen - Not Fair (Single)

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7 out of 10

OMG! So, here's the story. Lily's got this new fella, yeah? (OMG you're gonna laugh your fuckin' head off when you hear this) And he's lovely an' everythin', he's REALLY sweet and REALLY looks out for her. Rings her loads in the day an' that. Sez he loves her, like, ALL THE TIME. Anyway, guess what? (OMG!) No, guess. . .he's no good in bed! (O. . .M. . .FG!!) Yeah, I know!! Poor fucker. Anyway, Lily's written it all down, like, you know? God. It's REALLY catchy as well - like someone's given Dolly Parton loads of vodka and Red Bull. It's ace! And she looks the business on the cover AS USUAL. And OMG! The dirty version of the song, right, she rhymes 'wet patch on the bed' with. . . 'giving head' ! I about pissed myself when I heard that!

There's but one letter between 'pop' and 'pap'. Go careful, now.


1. Not Fair (Clean Radio Edit)
2. Not Fair (Explicit)
3. Not Fair (Instrumental)

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