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Review - Jackie Leven - The Haunted Year - Spring

Jackie Leven - The Haunted Year - Spring

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7 out of 10

A double live set, the latest in Leven's scheme to re-release previously-limited editions, Spring sees us take in a set performed at the London Water Rats and one at Milford British Legion Club. The London set is, perhaps unsurprisingly, more expansive in its sound, what with a superb jazz pianist (Michael Cosgrave) and some outstanding pipe-work (of the Uillean variety) from Stephan Hannigan. Glenarm / Burning the Box of Beautiful Things particularly shines, bringing the Highlands right into your head. Matters are instrumentally more restrained at Milford and there's a great informality to proceedings as Leven mixes up some rarely-played solo tracks (Walking in Argyll) with favourite covers (Waiting For My Man, featuring glorious fuzz-work from guitarist Kevin Hewick).

Mix in the essential anecdotes and asides and we have a great example of the Jackie Leven live experience.


CD 1: Jackie Leven & the Celtic Soulmen: 'Man Bleeds in Glasgow'
1. Intro
2. Farm Boy
3. (Guardian Preview)
4. Glenarm / Burning the Box of Beautiful Things
5. Looking For Love
6. Man Bleeds In Glasgow
7. (Golf On The Moon)
8. Night Lilies
9. Snow In Central Park
10. (Fear in Bermondsey)
11. Poor Toun
12. Deep Choking Wooded Death Fix
13. (Erotic Football Results)
14. Call Mother A Lonely Field

CD 2: Jackie Leven & the Stornaway Girls - 'Greetings From Milford'
1. She Belongs To Me
2. Pale Blue Eyes
3. Walking In Argyll
4. Waiting For My Man
5. Listening To Crows Pray
6. Madam George
7. Who Is He And What Is He To You?
8. Paris Blues
9. Main Travelled Roads

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