Sunday, 26 April 2009

Review - The Color of Violence - Youthanize

The Color of Violence - Youthanize

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8 out of 10

Firstly, great song titles. Secondly, great songs. Win.

Falling somewhere between Botch and As the Sun Sets (although not always in the same song) The Color of Violence somehow seem to manage to be rather tongue in cheek but also rather better than a lot of the bands they poke fun at at the same time. There are techy metal moments, full on grind songs and even some faintly hair metal choruses and riffs. There are moments of Death Metal, hardcore and punk rock. There's a pleasing lack of synthesizers and drum machines, but some frankly amazing drumming and weird guitar noises.

Manic, a little bit insane, and possibly genius.


1. Rock Music
2. Large Hardon Collider
3. God Gave me Deeze Nutz
4. Me and my Enormous Spiritial Erection
5. Youthanize
6. Christina, Christina
7. Create a Merkaba, and get me out of here!
8. Crapandemic
9. Even I use to be Sex
10. Look! I Made it! I'm Dating an Actress!

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