Sunday, 8 November 2009

Review - Culture Reject - Culture Reject

Culture Reject - Culture Reject

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5 out of 10

Despite starting with a massive instrumental nod towards the Flaming Lips, this album quickly slots into its wobbly groove; Jack Johnson's wacky cousin singing with the Beach Boys or Jeff Buckley after someone's spiked his honey tea. It's certainly interesting and not formulaic but does sound a bit self-consciously 'weird'. Like your Dad suddenly professing a liking for Pavement after years of listening to nothing but Stock Exchange forecasts. Sister Susi is a stand out, although Mr. Reject does fall into the 'make-it-meaningful-by-singing-it-over-and-over-again' trap, which is a tiny pity. The lyric concerned is 'oh my soul'. I would add, 'is that the time?'


1. Ain't It On The Floor
2. Inside The Cinema
3. Museums
4. Overflow
5. HongKong Beach Part 1
6. Oh Remain
7. Blueprint
8. Fireflies Are Fading
9. HongKong Beach Part 2
10. Beach
11. Sister Susi

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rmdmama said...

Too bad, you made some good references that might make sense somehow. They really don't mean anything to the ones who appreciate the music and lyrics as with any artist. We should just agree to disagree on this one.