Monday, 9 November 2009

News - Mnemic Tracklisting Announced...

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Mnemic have just announced the tracklisting of their upcoming album "Sons Of The System" which is going to be released on the 18th of January 2010.

Track Listing:

1. Sons Of The System
2. Diesel
3. Mnightmare
4. The Erasing
5. Climbing Towards Stars
6. March Of The Tripods
7. Fate
8. Hero(in)
9. Elongated Sporadic Bursts
10. Within
11. Orbiting

Commented mainman Mircea Gabriel Eftemie: "The new album - without sounding too cliché but may ending up sounding cliché - is actually the best material and the most diverse we have written as a band to date. No fancy bullshit producers, no fancy L.A. studios - just us and Tue Madsen, making a Mnemic record just like we did on the very first album, Mechanical Spin Phenomena. The music itself can be described as very eclectic, very diverse, and nothing that you would imagine coming from a band like us. Let's just say it has become more theatrical, more electronic, and just more catchy, as we have put all our focus on writing good songs and not being afraid of experimenting. It's been almost 3 years since the last album. We are 5 different individuals who have evolved in our tastes and inspirations which has contributed to this album's conception. We don't need to be dressed up as a Hot Topic circus extravaganza trying to make music for the radio or have 2-3 singers in our band to try and achieve what we want. We have surpassed ourselves with this album, and in our humble opinion and hearts, this is a great sounding album, which you definitely have to check out 'cause we promise you won't be disappointed! Whether you are for polyrhythmics, electronics or even death metal - it's all there!"

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