Thursday, 6 August 2009

Review - Where the Land Meets the Sea - Listen For The Gulls

Where the Land Meets the Sea - Listen For The Gulls

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6 out of 10

Sometimes synth based pop can be a bit too. Well, too synthy, for want of a better word. Everything is built around the noodly twiddlings of a machine, and all the humanity is lost somewhere. Fortunately, Where the Land Meets the Sea does not fall into this trap.

Reminiscent of The Get Up Kids slower moments, not to mention Nottingham based The Minor Fall what we have here is five melancholy pop songs, layered around vocalist Nikki Dessingue, by turns allowing the guitars and synths to lead and follow.

It's not the most original record ever, and to be brutally honest it's been done better before. That said, it's certainly not a bad record, and if you like quirky pop rock tunes with a hint of melancholy you'll probably enjoy this a lot.


1. Title Bout
2. Tiny Maps
3. All is Soft
4. Learn to Swim
5. Troubled Sleep

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