Monday, 24 August 2009

Review - Martin Heslop - Martin Heslop

Martin Heslop - Martin Heslop

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5 out of 10

Musically, Martin Heslop mainlines Tom Waits; accordions, gypsy guitars and drunken rhythms are all very much to the fore. Unfortunately, his voice isn't. There's little character or strength but at least he doesn't pretend to be American, and his songs have an affecting honesty which wins the listener over, much in the mould of John Tams: 'No attention do I crave / that's a game that I won't play' (No Lullaby). Let us, once again, see if he gets the choice.


1. As The Stories Burn
2. No Lullaby
3. Away With The Wagon
4. Mince and Potatoes
5. The Prisoner

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