Sunday, 23 August 2009

Review - tELLEY - Now I'm The Big Sister

tELLEY - Now I'm The Big Sister

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4 out of 10

Yes, it's the late 1970s / early 1980s again; Squeeze, XTC, Orange Juice etc. If you weren't there originally or like to combine your nostalgia with a desperate attempt to remain up with new music, this is the band for you. They even chuck in a Sparks cover which passes by almost unnoticed - perhaps there's a New Wave plug-in somewhere and tELLEY maxed it out. Who knows, or cares? Somebody must, they're not that bad. Just a bit, well, OK. Finger of Fudge, anyone?


1. Bad Boy, Good Girl
2. All of the Girls Want to Love You
3. Red is My Key
4. Get in the Swing
5. Good At What You Do
6. Settle Down
7. This Is What You Can't Have
8. We Are Not Like You
9. The External Fixator
10. Over The Sea

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