Monday, 24 August 2009

Review - ist - Toothpick Bridge

ist - Toothpick Bridge

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6 out of 10

This is a big band, with a big voice - a voice sometimes too big for the music backing it, if this album is anything to go by. One senses great things to come, like watching an Australian batsman take guard at a roaring Oval. Demand, You Should Be Ashamed and Would You Buy A Bible From This Man? certainly show song writing of a depth and imagination lacking in 99% of popular music at the moment, with the delivery to back them up. For a similar feel, stick on some Ball Boy or Hefner. Call me an ungrateful pedant but I feel a truly massive sound is required. Regardless of that, however, ist's space is most definitely to be watched.


1. The Boy's Not Right
2. Pep Talk
3. Headache
4. Rebecca
5. A Scotsman In A Church
6. Would You Buy A Bible From This Man?
7. Demand
8. Remington Steele
9. Social Workers #12 & 35
10. Company of Sense
11. This Must Be The Desert
12. You Should Be Ashamed
13. Yer Man's A Bingo Caller
14. She Clears Her Throat

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