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Review - Various - Bangers / Break The Habit Split 12"

Various - Bangers / Break The Habit Split 12"

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9 out of 10

Punk rock. I listen to a LOT of punk rock, and as such a lot of releases tend to blur into one another, as one band sounds pretty similar to the next. A lot of these are good, but they don't have that special something to make them really stand out.

Not so with this split.

From the very first note of the opening song by Bangers it's clear that this is going to be something special - evidenced by the fact that it's been heavily played (in MP3 stylee) at work for a good few weeks now. Reminiscent of the greatly missed Shermer at their mighty peak with more than a hint of US greats like Small Brown Bike, Latterman and Nothington Bangers are gruff impassioned punk rock at its very best with that essence of Britishness (a la Steel Rules Die or The Dauntless Elite) that makes it that much easier to identify with.

This, of course, leaves Break the Habit with something of a hard act to follow - but follow it they do. The tempo is upped a little, with a hint of None More Black and (dare I say it) Vanilla Pod, and a vocal style not entirely unlike a young Billy Bragg. Steel Rules Die also looms large here, particularly in the energetic guitar riffs.

If pushed I think I prefer the Bangers songs, but it really is a close thing, as both bands get me nodding my head more than anything has done in quite a while.

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1. The Hard Way
2. Huddle In
3. Little Lives
4. New Villains
5. Banging
6. "So what if we know all our audience by name?"
7. I'm drinking alone so I'm drinking for two
8. Hope is a (W)Anchor
9. CxWxP

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