Thursday, 6 August 2009

Review - innerpartysystem - Heart of Fire EP

innerpartysystem - Heart of Fire EP

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4 out of 10

Alternative, a label often used to describe heavier or 'other' sounds, and one that would be useful during the processing of this offering from this Reading four-piece.

As its name suggests, Heart of Fire the title track of this EP burns strongly with effect-powered vocals, raging synths and riffs against a dance-floor beat with energy-a-plenty. However, there's some genre blurring going on during the songs here. On the one side of the track we have Pendulum and on the other side we heave metal-electronics and industrial acts, somewhere in-between on a track, or road of their own are innerpartysystem. Nu-metal? Nu-Numan? Nu-rave? Nu-genre entirely, perhaps? Whatever it is given the prominence of aesthetic-sounding vocals, heavy-melodics and club-beats in their songs, like that infamous sandwich spread, they're sure to induce one of two reactions: love or hate. Sadly, the sounds erred on the wrong side of the tracks for this writer.


1. Heart of Fire
2. The Way We Move
3. Night Is Alive
4. Heart That Heals
5. Lover's Dancing
6. Lover's Dancing (Remix)

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