Thursday, 6 August 2009

Review - Bastila - Bastila

Bastila - Bastila

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6 out of 10

Oh God! You may howl, upon hearing this debut's opening track. Not more chirpy, indie cod-Ska! I hear you. Life isn't fair. Thankfully, Bastila have a smidge more imagination than to simply try and wring one more career out of a genre that should've been shot at birth. No, it's worse - I mean 'better' - than that; they also polka. And reel. And psych. And jig. And everything in-between. To generalise for the Twitterati - think Last Shadow Puppets without Turner's attention-grabbing voice but with Syd Barrett and Arthur Lee's drugs. What's in the water on that there Isle of Wight?


1. You Can't Catch Me
2. The Slacker
3. Jackie Boy
4. Takin' Over
5. Heart(don't)Beat
6. Ghosts
7. Come Out and Fight
8. What The Jester Saw
9. Nothing to Tell
10. Dead End Town
11. Bring Me The Head

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