Thursday, 6 August 2009

Review - After the Fall - Fort Orange

After the Fall - Fort Orange

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8 out of 10

After the Fall play fast paced melodic hardcore punk the way it used to be, not that many years ago. Think Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere and Kid Dynamite - lightning speed drums coupled with big, crunchy riffs and more than just a hint of catchy pop nous in the songwriting. Stir a bit of latter day Small Brown Bike into the vocal mix, a chunk of Rise Against and just the tiniest hint of Thrice's early, Maiden inspired riffing into the guitars and you've got a potent brew.

It's not as instantly catchy as Strike Anywhere or Kid Dynamite, and indeed the vocal lines can seem a little ramshackle at first, but repeat listenings are rewarded with a more coherent experience than first impressions suggest. Hooks that may not have been initially apparent come to the forefront, and songs which at first seemed nondescript and even generic take on a new shape, and before you know it you're humming riffs without even realising it.

After the Fall are never going to replace any of the greats in the pantheon of punk rock history, but that doesn't detract from them delivering a solid and enjoyable album that will likely remain near your CD player for some time.


1. Fort Orange
2. Thomas Philbrick
3. Decapitate
4. Armpit
5. Routine
6. Macho Bullshit
7. Poor Excuse
8. It's Her Choice
9. Bummer
10. Escape
11. Not Today
12. Patroon Island
13. 1994

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